Cradled between the continental Croatia and its coastal regions, Gorski kotar offers beautiful scenery simply ideal for a relaxing holiday, equally rich in cultural sights and natural attractions.

Being so close to the sea and yet far from the hustle and bustle, the region offers peace and quiet throughout the year. During the summer months the air is pleasantly fresh and in the winter the area transforms into a snowy idyll that exists only on old postcards.

Whether you are in search of peace or adrenaline rush, unforgettable adventures or just a pleasant winter by the fireplace, you've come to the right place. Delnice is the largest town in the area and some of the other towns are Mrkopalj, Čabar, Fužine, Lič, Ravna Gora, Skrad, Vrbovsko and Brod Moravice.

Each of them offers a wide range of services, from heritage-based to modern ones. Tradition, beautiful nature and hospitality are what they all have in common. Forget about stress and enjoy the better side of life…
Castle Zrinsko - Frankopanski
City: Vrbovsko
Keywords: castle, nobles, fortification
Region: Gorski Kotar
Nearest town: Rijeka
Content: Castle

Castle Zrinsko - Frankopanski: The castle was first mentioned in 1558 and it was in posession of princes Frankopan. Princes of Frankopan associated with princes  of Zrinski faught against the Turks and shared their good. The two-storey castle is quadrangular base situated on the cliffs of the river Kupa which represents an additional attraction since the view to the valley of the river Kupa and neighboring Slovenia. In the inner courtyard of the castle are corridors with arcades and on the outer corners of the cylindrical towers. Bars on the windows are of baroque forms. The castle dates from the 15th century. The 1800 g. was renovated. It is surrounded by centuries-old park with a chapel of St.. Florian which was declared a monument of nature.
Kastel Zrinski
City: Delnice
Keywords: exhibition, palace
Region: Gorski Kotar
Nearest town: Rijeka
Content: Fortification

Kastel Zrinski in town Delnice is monument of "first cathegory". In 2012 in the castle is opened a permanent exhibition of hunting, forestry and fishing. Exhibition includes exhibits predominantly from Gorski Kotar area, and are distributed on four floors of Kastel  with a focus on the historical story of the castle, it's rulers as well as the history of town Brod na Kupi.
On the ground floor, which is connected by an underground corridor with a small river Kupica and a nearby cave, stands still preserved it's original plan, and the first and second floor are changed due to years of alterations. This interesting and valuable buildings connects fortification function with living and of the type of court-palace, which makes it specialy valuable.
City: Fužine
Keywords: cave
Region: Gorski Kotar
Nearest town: Rijeka
Content: Nature


Cave "VRELO" in Fužinama  accidentally was discovered in the 50's of the last century during the construction of artificial lake Bajer. Its age is estimated at 3.5 to 4,000,000 years.

Although it is only 300 meters long, it is extremely beautiful and rich with cave decorations. Particular value in cave is it's water - the only fifty meters after entrance there is a beautiful mountain spring, lake and chasm, which make it especially attractive. Clear and cold mountain stream comes from the basin of the river Licanka and in particularly rainy periods it floods the cave.

This cave is often called "the small Postojna" because of its beauty,. The cave was adapted for visitors, new lighting and a walking trail with bridges in 1998. Due to the mild terrain without any stairs, this is the only tourist cave in Europe that can be visited by people of all ages, children, the elderly, even those in wheelchair.
Ethnographic Collection Lic
City: Fužine - Lič
Keywords: etno, collection, exhibition
Region: Gorski Kotar
Nearest town: Rijeka
Content: Exhibition

Ethnographic Collection Lic
Open: July-August Sunday 16-18h

The ethnographic collection is located in the center of Lic, in rooms provided by elementary school. Today it contains more than 500 exhibits on permanent display, and is constantly being upgraded with new elements. Exhibits are under complete care and maintenance, the coating protective devices, and the plan of the Association is to determine the age of the most valuable exhibits in this etnographic collection.
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