Lika is a mountain region or plateau, surrounded by mountain chains. The whole area can be characterized as a mountainous plateau which is divided by smaller mountain ranges in multiple geographic units (Gacka, Lika field or Lika, Krbava (region) and Lika Pounje). It is important because it links continental and the Croatian coast.

By folk etymology, Lika is named after a word Lik. The figure is the Croatian word for Štokavian ikavica - medicine (lijek). According to second interpretation, the name comes from the Greek word likos, which means wolf.

In prehistoric and ancient times the area was inhabited by Illyrian tribe  Japodes. They were in the first century of BC conquered by the the Roman army, but they still retain their tribal autonomy, dealing with nomadic cattle breeding. The Romanization of the area was only superficial, because the Romans were the most important to ensure road communication. Major changes come with disintegration of the empire and the migration of people, when the Lika region was settled by Croats. They set up a management organization, establishing tribal parish Gacka, Krbava and Lika.

The entire area is full of historical leftovers from layering historical development, with material evidence of culture from prehistory to today. In Lika and Podgorje dominate  religious and secular monuments originate from the military frontier period (Middle Ages), along which are also remnants of older cultural layers: the center of medieval Glagolitic literature Krbava and Kosinje, and the Illyrian culture in river's Gacka valley.


Nikola Tesla Memorial Center
City: Gospić
Keywords: Tesla, electricity, history, life, inventions
Region: Lika
Content: Museum

Nikola Tesla (Smiljan, 1856 - New York, 1943) is one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. He was born in Lika, where he went to elementary and high school and afterwards studied in Graz, Austria.

Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre is made up of pre-existing and newly constructed buildings. older facilities are: The birth house of Nikola Tesla, the church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul, an outbuilding (barn) stone monuments and benches

The ground floor exhibits represnet a historical review of Tesla's life, which chronologicaly and transparently tell the story of Tesla life in relation to the simultaneous world events, photographs, written documents, quotations from Tesla's autobiography "My Inventions", all accompanied by musical numbers and a video projection that brings us back to Tesla's childhood.

Attic space of Tesla's home is dedicated to Tesla's inventions accompanied by video projections and sounds that give us the feeling that we are in Tesla's laboratory.

In the attic, visitors can see functional Tesla's inventions such as induction electric motor, rotating magnetic field is known as the "Egg of Columbus", Tesla coil, Tesla Turbine, also - graphic description of difference between Edison's one directon electricity flow and Tesla's alternating flow in transmitting to the longer distance, and many more other interesting exhibits. Open every day except Mondays (summer and winter) 385 (0) 53 74 65 30

Springs and mills of Gacka river
City: Otočac
Region: Lika
Nearest town: Otočac
Content: Traditional architecture

Springs and mills of Gacka river

Along Gacka river and its tributaries, during the 20th century, sixty mills used to operate. Sadly,  today only a few of them are left, keeping memory of harmony and cooperation between man and nature during past and forgoten centuries. The only one still performing its ancient function is situated on the spring in village Sinac, still using the driving force of the river. Lasting balance and collusion between man and nature, as the objectification of their harmony and cooperation, keep those here the memory of one of the ancient, extinct crafts.

Millstones in this valley were rattling incessantly, with a roar and the sound of water, day and night, all year round. Mostly during the time of the harvests, by the end of autumn  and during large floods or low water level of the river Lika, and people traveling and coming here even from the most remoted areas of county.

Mills used to have several co-owners who were, according to agreement, entitled (on schedule) to profit from a single millstone. They "held orders," and the right to use millstone was received in the inheritance or by donations, or acquired by purchasing equity shares. Even girls could  receive it as a dowry.

Today, at the beginning of the new century, the springs of Gacka mills still resist as the remains of folk architecture, with the clack of the mill.

Come, experience and listen to the centuries-old peace mills individually or in organized groups. To visit, sightseeing, and a display of milling grain, we recommend direct announcement:

Miller: George Mayer
tel. 099-831-4381

The Velebit shelter for bear cubs
City: Kuterevo
Keywords: bears, saving, cubs
Region: Lika
Nearest town: Otočac
Content: Nature

The Velebit shelter for bear cubs

Velebit association Kuterevo was founded in 1995 with the aim of preserving the wild life of Croatian highlands.

In year 2002, Velebit association Kuterevo and the Croatian Center for Environmental Knowledge in cooperation with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb, launched a unique project - Shelter for young bears, whose mission is to provide shelter for bear orphans or protect bear habitat and promoting sustainable life and traditions of the local mountain communities.

An integral part of the program is to educate visitors about bears and bringing them closer to the wilderness and the bear charisma.

Shelter for young bears is possible to visit during the spring, summer and fall. As the bears during the winter at rest, avoid them upset and they visit exceptional if they really needed.

We recommend a visit during the early morning or late afternoon, especially during the summer days. Repair is never closed, and can be visited from morning to night, and the best after 9 am until 8 pm.

Lika Museum - Gospić
City: Gospić
Keywords: museum, archeology, etnography, history
Region: Lika
Content: Museum

Lika Museum - Gospić

This museum institution is located in the old part of town and in 1965 moved to its present building which was built in the late Baroque style and is categorized as  cultural monument of B category.

The building itself was several times rebuilt, and the last renovation (1995 - 1997) was performed as rehabilitation of war damages incurred during the war.


Archaeological Department
numismatic department
cultural and historical department
Gallery section
natural history department (in progress)
museum department

In addition to collecting, processing, storage and presentation of cultural heritage, the museum is engaged in scientific research in the field of archeology, ethnography and history, and is cooperating with educational institutions.

Visitors can currently see the Permanent archaeological exhibiton entitled "Terra Viva" and ethnographic exhibition, which is located in the reconstructed traditional house of Lika, inside the museum's atrium.
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